1. Interfaces
  2. Core


Access invocation meta data for your application requests.

The core interface provides access to underlying invocation meta data on every request. This information can be used for debugging, correlating requests, etc.

Using the core interface

The core interface can be imported from the @ampt/sdk and returns three getters:

  • requestId: The AWS reqId that can be correlated with log entries.
  • event: The raw AWS event object passed from the event source mapping.
  • context: The AWS context object of the invocation.


The structure of the event and context objects depend on the underlying compute platform (Lambda, Fargate, App Runner). The requestId will always return a string.

The getter must be accessed from within a handler (e.g. task, events.on(), data.on()) or an HTTP framework's route/middleware.

Accessing core meta data
import { core, events } from "@ampt/sdk"; events.on("user.created", async (evt) => { console.log("Event Details:", evt); console.log({ reqId: core.requestId, event: core.event, context: core.context, }); });

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