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The cloud is complex. Ampt lets developers rapidly build native cloud apps without complicated configs or struggling with infrastructure.

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Stay focused on the things that matter

Stop wasting time writing redundant glue code and YAML to cobble together cloud backends. With Ampt, you just write business logic and we'll do the rest. Our unique Infrastructure FROM Code process automatically provisions, manages, and optimizes native cloud infrastructure by inferring requirements from application code.

Save time with fast, frictionless workflows

Ampt gives you lightning fast feedback loops using real cloud infrastructure. Use your favorite local tools and changes sync to your developer sandbox in less than a second. No more local emulation or waiting for builds. Push your code to git to collaborate with automated previews and promote to production in less than a minute.

Innovate faster without artificial limits

Ampt deploys your application directly to best-of-breed native cloud infrastructure. No walled gardens or black boxes, just best practices automatically applied. Deploy and eject to your own accounts for ultimate control. You're only limited by the power of the public cloud!

Build better with native integrations

Composability is the key to building effective cloud software. Ampt's open-source plugin architecture makes connecting to your favorite SaaS providers, database components, and cloud services a snap. If the cloud is the computer, Ampt is the operating system.

Work smarter using existing skills

If you're familiar with JavaScript or TypeScript, then you already know how to build native cloud apps with Ampt! Drop in your JavaScript framework of choice or use our familar SDK to unlock even more superpowers. Either way, you'll be a cloud hero in just minutes.

If it works on your machine, it works in production! πŸš€

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πŸ‘‹  Say goodbye to broken cloud workflows forever!

Ampt is backed by some of the most influential people in the cloud, dev tools, and serverless space

Adrian Cockcroft
Tech Advisor
Former AWS/Netflix
Shawn "swyx" Wang
Legend of DX
Former Temporal/Netlify
Erik Peterson
Khawaja Shams
Momento (former AWS)
Peter Sbarski
Author of Serverless
Architectures on AWS Book
Austen Collins
Serverless, Inc.
Tim Wagner
CEO/Founder Vendia
Creator of AWS Lambda
Joe Emison
Branch Insurance
Jean-Denis Greze
Michael Hart
Principal Engineer
Alex DeBrie
Author of
The DynamoDB Book
Ovais Tariq
Co-Founder & CEO
Tigris Data
Javier Martin
Product Manager
Meta (former AWS)
Ryan Jones
Serverless Guru
Rob Sutter
Engineering Manager
Josh Proto
Serverless Builders
Nick Triantafillou
Co-Founder & Dir. of Ops
Serverless, Inc.

Firestreak Ventures

SK Ventures

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