Ampt is ready for your production Serverless Cloud apps

You can now easily migrate existing Serverless Cloud apps along with their data, storage and parameters to Ampt.

When Ampt spun off from Serverless, Inc. last year, the team had two primary objectives: build the easiest, most flexible cloud development platform the world has ever seen and ensure the continuity of applications built on Serverless Cloud. Today we are happy to announce that Ampt is ready for your production Serverless Cloud apps!

Migrate your other workloads

You can already migrate your Next.js, Remix, Astro, Eleventy, Node-based frameworks (like Express.js and Fastify), and SPAs to Ampt. SvelteKit and others are coming soon. Sign up for the waitlist to avoid missing out.

Going beyond feature parity

We unveiled Serverless Cloud to our inner circle over two years ago, and the positive feedback we received hinted at its potential to dramatically simplify serverless application development. Conversations with our customers led us to realize we were on the brink of something even grander: the chance to help millions of developers build secure, highly scalable, cost-effective cloud apps by simply focusing solely on application logic instead of complex cloud configurations. After numerous iterations and input from thousands of users, Serverless Cloud reached a stage where it was able to support a number of production use cases.

For the last seven months, we've been building Ampt, pushing the rapid feedback loop of Serverless Cloud even further, rearchitecting the underlying platform to make it faster, more performant and extensible, incorporating new features like WebSockets, and achieving feature parity with Serverless Cloud. We've built Ampt not only to support existing Serverless Cloud apps, but to push the boundaries of cloud development and to safely bring the full power of the cloud to nearly anyone with coding abilities.

Migrating Serverless Cloud Apps to Ampt

Now that we're ready to migrate Serverless Cloud users to Ampt, we will begin the process of sunsetting Serverless Cloud. We wanted to make this as seamless as possible without disrupting existing apps or requiring major code refactoring.

To achieve this, we've provided a new @ampt/cloud adapter that allows you to run Serverless Cloud apps on Ampt without any code changes. We've also enabled a "Migration" service that lets you easily migrate data, storage, and parameters from your Serverless Cloud apps to Ampt.

We've created a step-by-step migration guide that details the process. If you have any questions or issues with your migrations, please contact or reach out on Discord.

Moving Forward with Ampt

We are excited to continue our mission of making native cloud app development ridiculously easy and incredibly flexible. Ampt will remain in private beta as we work with Serverless Cloud users to ensure a smooth transition. If you are one of the thousands of developers still waiting for private beta access, please know that we plan to dramatically increase the volume of invites once the migrations are complete.

We're passionate about the developer experience and are working to refine it even further with feedback from our early users, and now, with the experience of Serverless Cloud production apps. Don't forget to join the waitlist and connect with us on Discord to stay informed and engage with our growing community.

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