The future of cloud development

We envision a radically different approach that makes building native apps in the cloud ridiculously easy.

Over the last 15 years, the cloud has fundamentally changed the way we build software. The days of writing monolithic, single-server applications are over. Modern software is built by leveraging the immense power of native cloud services, composing them together to create globally scalable applications that would never have been possible in traditional environments. This rapidly expanding ecosystem of cloud services has allowed many innovative companies to accelerate their time to market, lower total cost of ownership, and focus on delivering value to their customers.

Unfortunately, the cloud has become overly fragmented and unnecessarily complex. Whether you're a cloud expert struggling to implement proper testing capabilities across distributed cloud systems, a developer wasting time waiting on slow feedback loops and long deployment cycles, or just someone getting started and facing steep learning curves, you’re sure to find the cloud full of frustrations.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) was a promising innovation that came about to help with reproducibility and avoid drift from human intervention. But not only did it create additional layers of complexity, it also introduced duplication and drag as facets of your applications must be expressed in both code and configuration. While this gives developers an amazing sense of control, it ultimately forces them to write control plane specific instructions that tightly couples applications to the underlying primitives. This requires a broad set of skills in order to build well-architected, high-performing, cost optimized services. It’s a lot to ask of a developer.

Building and managing complex architectures and configurations adds friction to workflows, exacerbates decision paralysis, buries developers in boilerplate, kills productivity, and keeps you in an endless cycle of constantly trying to keep up with the changing cloud services landscape. We’re going to change that.

Introducing Ampt

Ampt is building the future of cloud development. It’s a developer platform that automatically provisions, manages, and optimizes cloud infrastructure by inferring requirements from your application code. No complex configurations, no boilerplate, and no more broken cloud workflows. Just write code and Ampt will do the rest.

Ampt accelerates developers by minimizing complexity and toil to maximize productivity. It automates heavy lifting, eliminating architectural and workflow decision paralysis. It automatically enforces best practices, removing compliance, security, and scalability concerns. And it unlocks extensibility by integrating directly with your cloud provider, databases, and favorite SaaS products.

Ampt is the next evolution of Serverless Cloud and today we’re spinning it out of Serverless, Inc. as its own company. The amazing engineers and product team that built Serverless Cloud have all joined Ampt to continue the mission of reimagining cloud development. Before Ampt, the Serverless Cloud team spent nearly two years working with hundreds of developers from around the world to understand their frustrations with cloud development. We learned what makes developers thrive, what enables productivity, and what unlocks their true potential. These are the lessons we’ve incorporated into Ampt.

The developer platform that gets out of your way

Ampt provides a vertically integrated developer experience that simplifies cloud development, deployments, and management.

Infrastructure from Code

Our Infrastructure FROM Code interface lets any developer easily create and deploy native cloud apps. If you’re familiar with JavaScript or TypeScript, then you already know how to use Ampt. You can leverage your existing programming skills and even drop in popular JavaScript frameworks to easily migrate workloads or build new ones super fast. And when you’re ready to supercharge your applications, you can enhance them using our familiar, easy to learn SDK.

Integrated Cloud Workflows

Our synchronization and deployment technologies enable hyperproductive cloud development workflows that completely get out of your way. Every developer gets isolated cloud sandboxes that sync and deploy local changes in less than a second. These remarkably fast feedback loops let you iterate directly in the cloud, eliminating the need for local emulation and the dreaded “it works on my machine.” Our built-in workflows also automate builds, integration tests, and deployments of your applications complete with isolated preview environments and full git integration.

Simplified Cloud Management

The Ampt platform provides out of the box management, observability, and optimization tools to give you full control and insight into your applications. Ampt provides streaming logs, service telemetry, and metrics for real-time debugging. Management tools for data, storage, secure parameters, deployments, and more. Plus you get audit trails, team access controls, and secure third-party integrations. Everything you need in a single pane of glass, with nothing to set up.

Your Code, Your Infrastructure

Ampt provisions infrastructure from application code. It optimises, heals, secures, and helps to manage all facets of your application in your favorite cloud. You also have the ability to take out your application infrastructure and host it yourself without Ampt. Ampt gives you powers but it never locks you in.

A radically different approach

We envision a radically different approach that makes building native apps in the cloud ridiculously easy. An approach that democratizes cloud development, enabling millions of developers to harness the full power of the public cloud. An approach that no longer divides the cloud-haves from the cloud-have-nots. It’s cloud for everyone.

We believe that:

  • Native cloud applications are the future of computing
  • Infrastructure will be self-provisioning
  • Applications will be portable across technologies

Our team is working to open the new Ampt platform to more developers, but today is only the beginning. We’re launching with a serverless-first approach, enabling extensibility through first class integrations, and providing an open source plugin ecosystem that lets the community share their knowledge and experience. The future has a lot more in store.

Ampt is supported by leaders in the cloud, dev tools, and serverless space, dedicated to helping us realize this vision. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey as well. Be sure to add your email to our waitlist to get updates and early access.

The fastest way to get things done in the cloud!