Product Update

Introducing Ampt AI: The easiest way to build applications powered by GenAI

Harness the power of Amazon Bedrock's Gen AI capabilities with the simplicity of Ampt.

At Ampt, our mission has always been clear: we want developers to rapidly build, deploy, and scale apps in the cloud, without worrying about complicated configurations or managing infrastructure. Over time, our passion has enabled our early users to launch scalable applications that push boundaries and delight their users.

Generative AI is a transformative technology that has been captivating the world since its introduction. Our users have already built applications that leverage the APIs provided by OpenAI and other platforms. Today, we're thrilled to announce the introduction of our @ampt/ai module. This allows developers to harness the power of Amazon Bedrock's Gen AI capabilities with the simplicity of Ampt. Using our new module, you have instant access to the foundational models from Anthropic and Stability AI. Support for other models from Amazon, AI21 Labs, Cohere, and Meta will soon follow.

Ampt up about AI

Using Gen AI with Ampt requires just a few lines of code. Below is sample code that sends prompts to the default model via the chat interface.

import { api } from '@ampt/api'; import { chat } from '@ampt/ai'; api() .router('/chat') .post('/generate', async (event) => { const { messages } = await event.request.json(); const result = await chat(messages); return event.body(result, 'text/plain'); });

Here is an example that generates an image using Stability AI via the render interface.

import { api } from '@ampt/api'; import { render } from '@ampt/ai'; api() .router('/render') .get('/image', async (event) => { const prompt = event.request.query.get('prompt'); if (!prompt) { return event.status(400).body('Missing prompt', 'text/plain'); } const image = await render(prompt); return event.body(image, 'image/png'); });

We believe in the power of simplicity and clarity. Just as we've made cloud applications transparent with interfaces for data (DynamoDB) and storage (S3), we're now introducing the @ampt/ai module that leverages Amazon Bedrock. It's all about making the complex seem effortless. Check out our docs for more information.

This feature is in BETA and currently only available to our Team plan customers. We are working to expand support to other usage tiers. It’s available in all the regions Ampt supports even if Bedrock is not available in that region yet.

What’s next in AI for Ampt?

Our vision extends beyond this feature. We're in the process of creating an AI assistant that will help you build apps with Ampt even faster. Code generated based on conversations and context, debugging assistance, test generation, and much more is in the works.

To all our passionate developers and visionaries, we can't wait to see the magic you'll create with this new tool in your toolbox. Sign up now to join all the amazing Ampt builders! This is just the beginning of our AI journey, and we promise it's going to be an exhilarating ride. Your feedback helps shape our path forward, so make sure you join our community on Discord to share your experience!

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